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Minutes of the Meeting of Uppingham Town Partnership 7.30pm January 27 2016 , Town Hall

Present: Dave Casewell (UTC) –Chair & Acting Sec.;Phil Wignell , Canon Rachel Watts (Com); Marc Oxley, Miranda Jones (Bus)

1. Apologies: Terry King, Susie Burrows, Dick Reeve, Lucy Stephenson

2. Minutes of meeting 25 Nov. 2015 : Approved

3. Matters Arising:

* Community Agents. Need to find out if still funded ACTION DC, and then mention on UTP web site

* Rural Grant Programme: Discussion as to possible uses – possibility of Farmers’s Market ?linked to car boot? Tod’s Piece. Capacity issue, but keep on agenda.

4. Treasurer’s report

* Partnership financially viable. Phil Wignell thanked for his presentation and mastery of the figures! Accounts available from PW on request.

* Partnership events. Although Feast/Xin U both properly financially managed, PW identified the need for a more streamlined system of interaction between event “treasurers” and UTP treasurer.

* Marc Oxley submitted his resignation as incoming treasurer, due to pressures of work. PW agreed to carry on a temporary basis to prepare end of year finance reports for 31 03 16. He will then DEFINITELY conclude his spell as treasurer. Miranda Jones to put item on website seeking new UTP committee members including treasurer. DC agreed to contact VAR to interrogate their register of potential volunteers. All agreed to use their contacts likewise.

5 Matters of Business

5(a) Feast update: Arrangements progressing. UTP formally agreed £5k “parachute” but noted organising committee’s responsibility to create a self financing event if possible. DC reported the depressing news that the lottery bid has once again been rejected on a technicality of UTP’s organisational structure. This to be a future agenda item.

5(b) Christmas in Uppingham 2015. As this was the first meeting after the event, the committee placed on record its admiration and thanks for the hard work the organising committee had carried out on behalf of the community to organise such a successful, sustainable event. It noted the success in gaining the support of the business community in the high streets and town centre. It also welcomed the “park & ride” initiative.

Some discussion over date for the 2016 event. There will be some consultation with the business community at an upcoming business forum ,and MJ will seek an invitation to this discussion. UTP felt the final decision must lie in the hands of the organising committee.

5 ( c) Film Nights: progressing well with good attendances. Thanks to the organising group for their continuing efforts. The availability of the Hopper Bus was noted for the last showing , which was much appreciated by those who availed themselves of the service.

5(d) Pop Up Banners: In progress!

5(e) Section 106 cash for Uppingham. DC reported that UTC were progressing this claim, and that funds were likely to be with UTC in the near future., UTP will continue to press that some of these funds should be used to help with the administration of events intended to both bring in visitors and strengthen the Town’s retail economy.

5(f)Neighbourhood Plan. PW reported on the last meeting of the group. UTP noted that the NP group was now a formal committee of UTC, but that it will retain its current membership and chair until UTC’s AGM in May. UTP reiterated its desire to remain as a participant on the group. NP will need to be revised in the future to accommodate a further 200 house beyond the expiry date of the current plan. Although over 50% of this demand can be placed within the current plan , their will be a need for more development land. RCC have recently completed a “call for sites”, the result of which regarding Uppingham will be fed to the NP group. The work continues!

5(g)Town Centre & Business Zone Group. RW reported that the planned January meeting was cancelled. A further meeting scheduled for February at which the draft of a plan should be available. UTP should like a sight of this plan as soon as possible. The plan is also likely to be submitted to UTC for further comment.

5(h) Uppingham in Bloom. MJ reported that the “community orchard” plan had stalled due to some difficulty of establishing ownership of plot of land to the west of Ayston Road . Hog Hill was suggested as an alternative. Uppingham In Bloom to be invited to the next meeting.

5(i) Web site/twitter/Face Book. MJ reported good usage. MJ would like prompts to refresh the front page. Any script PLEASE to MJ!

6. Any Other business

6(a) RW reported the finding of a WW1 POW prayer book in the church. Now donated to Oakham museum. Needs a mention on Heritage Trail web site.

6(b) Post Office. MO reported that PO was no longer open on Saturday Pm , and that the last collection times of boxes in Uppingham had been changed.

7. Date of Next Meeting : 24 February 2016 . NB Both Dave Casewell and Susie Burrows have tendered apologies.

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