MINDFUL MONDAY – Aug 6, 7.30pm

Give Mindfulness a go!

It’s simply a broad term for ‘awareness’ and for this reason we encourage you to approach any mindfulness practice with a universal perspective. It’s on the first Monday of every month at Uppingham Town Hall and is just £5 for total peace of mind.

Mindfulness is about choosing to be with your experiences through the senses and enjoying the feelings which occur, cultivating a deeper awareness. You may notice a spontaneous source of creativity trying to leap out.

Becoming more aware of yourself in the present moment literally changes everything about your life in the most profound ways. Feel centred by fully re-uniting with the present moment and experience the peace and equanimity that exists within it. Realize that slowing down isn’t just wonderful, it’s our natural way of life and most conducive to our health and happiness.

Mindfulness will teach you that a keen and non-judgmental self-awareness is the key to thriving in life. Being mindful can help with many areas of your life including anxiety, pain, parenting, eating, creativity, relationships, work and play.