Transformational 3-Day Luxury Retreat & Spa (All-Inclusive)

Engage with Success – Maximise Your Potential

Most of us know what we want out of life, but only a few of us know how to get it. Some of us spend a lifetime hoping for and wishing for success. Some never find it, whilst others find it early in life. Maybe you’re already on your way to success, or trying hard to get there, or perhaps you find yourself lost somewhere between the desire for, and the realisation of, your desired life.

The Engage with Success transformational 3-day weekend luxury retreat is a completely immersive experience, and only 20 participants will be invited to attend Barnsdale Hall Spa & Resort. Are you ready to achieve big things and launch yourself toward a life of greater abundance, joy, meaning, and fulfilment? It’s the biggest leap you can take toward the life that you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Take 100% control over your life and results
  • Release limiting beliefs and negativity from the past
  • Create a complete roadmap for your success
  • Align your passions with your with your personal and professional life
  • Structure your goals so you can achieve them easily and stress free
  • Utilize visualization and meditation to create clarity and power
  • Trust your gut feelings and listen to your intuition
  • Take more inspired action, and take advantage of opportunities
  • Create new successful habits while replacing habits that no longer serve you
  • Attract people, wealth and abundance into your life
  • Powerfully ask for what you want, as if you’ve already achieved it
  • Be present, positive and mindful each day with a powerful morning routine
  • Stop complaining, end procrastination, and get things done
  • Relax and rejuvenate your mind, and re-energise your body
  • Network with a powerful group of supporters and establish lifelong friendships

We want this experience to be amazing, and we certainly don’t want you thinking about additional fees or bills. Consequently, we provide an all-inclusive package, so that you can really focus on the life you desire, immediately feel abundant, put all of your attention on your passions and dreams, surround yourself with nature which can reduce stress and improve your emotional well-being.

If you’d like to participate, email who can provide you with a promotional code for a significant discount because you’re from Uppingham, a part Paul’s local community. Buy your ticket to success and fulfilment.